I think we can agree that a variety of experiences can interrupt an education. Alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, traumatic events, as well as learning and behavioral issues are likely to seriously impede healthy academic growth.

But past difficulty in school need not be written in stone – even if it shows up in your academic or criminal record.

In fact, your decision to get back on track with high school, college, or graduate school can be a redemptive step toward building a life of accomplishment and purpose.

Get back on track.

Get back on track.

Preparing for Academic Success

Yes, the array of choices and decisions ahead can be overwhelming, which is why we start with guided self-assessment in regard to your positive and negative experiences in academic settings. What did you do well? What did you enjoy…or not enjoy so much? What were the obstacles to your full engagement, academically and socially? What would you like to do differently the next time around?

This reflective groundwork informs your school selection and application process, but more crucially, knowledge of yourself as a student will give you tools to become a pro-active member of classes and community - and active participation is the key to a meaningful educational experience.

Personal Essays 

Personal essays can be daunting at first, but offer a great opportunity for non-traditional students. Committees often admit students who, despite uneven records or gaps in their education, will bring hard-won maturity and compassion to their campus.

Storytelling is a powerful way we organize and communicate experience. I specialize in showing applicants how they can write vivid, honest essays that illustrate character through narrative. Your unique “writing voice” is the key, and it is my interest to support your writing process as you discover and develop this voice, increasing your confidence as a writer and a student.

Gaining entrance to a school or program you assume is beyond your reach is possible. I have seen it happen many times.

Whether you are thinking about returning to school, or planning to start college or graduate school, I offer a free 30 minute introductory session.

I invite you to contact me at 646.535.3815 or debra@essaysthatfit.com to arrange a time. Parents and providers are also welcome to call.

Consultations are available at my office in midtown Manhattan or by phone or Skype. I look forward to hearing from you!

Debra Resnicoff,  Scholastic Recovery

Contact me for more details.

“I have successfully referred clients to Debra’s practice.  She effectively provides them with new tools to overcome writing blocks and helps them to identify and build on their talents. Debra’s approach is warm and friendly.  She fosters an atmosphere of respect and trust that allows clients to safely move through what has been impeding their work. 

Through careful monitoring of their work, clients are supported and guided as they set and meet their writing goals and objectives.  Debra also has a clear understanding of some client’s sensitivity to criticism.  She knows how to offer critiques in the spirit of an equal, rather than an authority.  Her professional approach as a colleague makes her a trusted referral source and a pleasure to work with.”

 Christine Petrik, LCSW   New York City