FAQ on Admission Consulting

Where do we meet?

  • Our College Admission Consultants are based in midtown Manhattan and are happy to meet with you in person.   For international college applicants we can communicate via skype and email.

How often do we meet?

  • This depends entirely on your preference/requirements.

Do you write the essays?

  • Never. Our method is to facilitate writing through discussion, essay writing tips, and editing, which helps you develop ideas into topics and create a winning college application.

How many essays will the student write?

  • College bound students write between two and five essays because many highly selective colleges either have their own application or require a supplemental essay specific to the student’s interest in their school.
  • Graduate and professional essays tend to be extensive and vary in length.

Do you give updates about progress?

  • Yes. We do communicate and problem solve as necessary with parents for undergraduate students.

When do students start working on their applications?

  • Late July, August or early September. Outstanding essays take time. We advise all our students to get started as early as possible in order to ensure you make early deadlines.

Do you help the students organize their deadlines?

  • College applicants are ultimately responsible for their own deadlines, but our process and methods help to keep close track and help you to prioritize.